Wednesday 25 May 2016

Just Doodling!

The current theme over at the Paper Artsy blog is doodles.  Most of us have done it at some point. Very often I doodle while on the phone.  However, when it came to creating something for this topic.... nothing!  Couldn't think of a single doodle! LOL!!

So - I set about just playing!  I decided to work on journal pages that I had started but didn't really like!

The background to this page was not my cup of tea.  And if I am honest I am still not that keen on my finished results.  But I persevered.

The background was painted using Dylusions paints and I didn't like the way that they wouldn't mix so walked away from it for a few days.

When I went back to it I tried to cover with some of my favourite Paper Artsy Fresco paints - this helped a bit but still not great.  I also scraped some paints onto the page.

I then started doodling using Paper Artsy stencils.  I drew around them then painted some parts in.  I then went a bit crazy with a white pen and added wording in black pen.

A bit meh!  But fun to do all the same.

I also had left over Dylusions paint on another journal page. 

This time I decided to paint a layer of crackle and then black over it so that the first layer only showed through a bit.

I decided to just doodle with a white pen..... and completely fill the page!  No method in my madness!  I simply went for it!  lol!!

So - thoughtful doodling is much more difficult that doodling without thought!! 

Thanks for looking.


  1. I love these - especially the black and white page!

  2. I think the black and white page is fantastic....I can't doodle....I'm too controlling!! LOL!
    Don't know why you don't like your first page, I like it a does look better now you've doodled it though! :-)

  3. I really love your doodles, Miriam! I like both the coloured and the black and white pages. They have charm and I really love the quotes you added. xx

  4. Wonderful doodling of the black background, and configuration is also great. xx