Wednesday 13 July 2016

Paper Artsy #3Up Infusion Fun

Before I start, I hope you've got a cuppa - it's quite a long blog post with loads of photos!!

It's #3Up week at Paper Artsy this week.... basically - a lucky few of us are picked to create a project to be shown on the Paper Artsy blog. 

I was one of the lucky few.  My task was to create a project using the fabulous Infusions and some stamps that Leandra would send to us.

Here are the stamps that I received:

I know, right!  How generous!  They were all pre-loved but in perfect working order!

So, I racked my brain and eventually decided to create a little atc book - I had some canvas atc's and thought that they would work well with infusions.

Before setting out to create my project I had a wonderful crafty day with my bestie, Caz.... we tried Infusions with lots of different mediums and in different ways so that I could choose what to use.

To start the project I gesso'd both sides of every atc so that the infusions would have something to 'grip' to and not just sink into the material.

I decided that I would cover the backgrounds using 2 Infusions techniques.

Firstly, I applied them with a brayer:

I liked this technique because it looks quite distressed!  To brayer them I sprinkled the Infusions onto a craft sheet, sprayed a small amount of water and them brayered like I would with paint or ink.

This is a close up of one of them:

For the opposite sides I applied the Infusions with Paper Artsy Satin medium:

To do this I sprinkled the Infusions direct to the atc and then brushed satin medium up and down to cover the atc.

Next I set about using the fabulous stamps.  I wanted them to blend into the background and look printed but knew that this might be tricky on canvas.  Instead I stamped onto tissue paper using Archival inks:

I also used another technique by sprinkling infusions directly onto tissue paper, activating them with water and then drying.  I then stamped in Archival ink:

Once I had created enough stamped images I tore around them and started to apply them to the canvas atcs using Matte Medium.

Following this I decided to try another Infusions technique! This time I wanted to create a Grunge flower.

I used the Paper Artsy Grunge Flower die to cut out 8 flowers from tissue paper. 

I positioned the flowers so that they overlapped and then added a brad to the centre.

Then the fun started!

I started with the top flower.  I sprinkled Infusions onto the flower, sprayed it with water than scrunched it up to the middle.  I did the same using another colour of Infusions and alternated until all of the flowers were coloured, wet and scrunched.

At this point you could leave it to dry naturally - but I'm impatient! LOL!! So I started to dry it with a heat gun and as each flower dried I unfolded it.

This is the result:

I was really happy with this and it felt like a dried flower!

(Hope you're still with me and not asleep!).

To finish I then embellished all of the pages and added my flower to the front.

The final technique was ribbon.

Here I cut white seam binding and wondered what it would be like to colour with infusions!

I sprinkled the Infusion powder onto my craft mat and sprinkled with water.

I then scrunched the seam binding into the water until it was covered. I then dried this with my heat gun:

Phew!! So - that's how I made my project!

So - what did it actually look like??

Here are the pictures of each page.....

The front:

Inner pages:

Back page:

So - that's my project!! And I really enjoyed creating it!

Pop over to the Paper Artsy blog to see the other fabulous creations from fellow #3Upers!

Thanks for being patient with my blog post!  Thanks for looking!!


  1. Fabulous project Miriam. Great to see some of the techniques we used on our playday!
    Love all the different ways you've used the infusions!

  2. You ROCKED this! Love the flower - am so copying that one! the atc book looks fantastic.

  3. Omg you had so much fun, those pages are awesome. Love the flowers. Thanks for joining us and playing. X

  4. Wow! Such a stunning project! Really love this little book Miriam! xxx

  5. Wow! Such a stunning project! Really love this little book Miriam! xxx

  6. This is absolutely adorable, I love the colours you chose and the tissue paper stamping looks so good on the canvas!

  7. Great project, love the brayering with the infusions, must try this technique.

  8. Fabulous. Love it, you've given me some ideas to try.

  9. Great project Miriam. Love it! :)

  10. Oh me oh my. I love how all the pages ended up Miriam. You must be chuffed to bits!!! So glad you were one of the lucky ones too!!

  11. Ooh Miriam. This is lovely. You've created some gorgeous ATCs there with a great variety of techniques with the infusions. Love it.

  12. Urban Snapshots are terrific and you have used them brilliantly, Miriam. I really Infusions on ribbon too! What a gorgeous little book. I'm so glad you were chosen: this is such an inspiring project. xx

  13. Wow so much to take in - love your flower, the speckled colour looks brilliant x

  14. wonderful work - so good to see how you've used the infusions - I am jsu getting to grips with them so its great for me! Hugs rachel x

  15. wonderful work - so good to see how you've used the infusions - I am jsu getting to grips with them so its great for me! Hugs rachel x

  16. Amazing! Such a wonderful little book.

  17. Gorgeous Miriam!!

  18. Gorgeous Miriam!!

  19. An absolute triumph! Stunning work with the stamps you received (a wonderful selection BTW) and I love the way you worked with the Infusions.
    I could look at this forever!

  20. I am in love with this! My favorite project yet! The tissue flower is spectacular, as is each and every little collage on each page! I will have to make one of these books, I love it so! Congrats on your feature!

  21. What a gorgeous project Miriam and I love the shabby chic flower and ribbon. Absolutely stunning contribution to #3Up week and sorry I'm so late commenting but I've been otherwise engaged with the new love of my life, lol! Well done on and crafting triumph!

    Lesley Xx

  22. Wonderful project Miriam, so lovely. Have a go!! xx