Sunday 11 September 2016

Mixed Media Mash-Up With Seth Apter

Last week I attended a Seth Apter workshop that had been planned by Paper Artsy.  It was such an amazing day.

I thought that I liked to layer, but I have never layered so much in my life.... I kept thinking it wasn't going to work but did! 

I won't go through all of the techniques used but took some photos throughout the day to see some of the stages of my project.

This was my first second layer (first being Buff Fresco).  We were so lucky that we were able to use the new Seth Apter Fresco paints - I am hooked - totally amazing colours!

I thought I had lost it at this point!

Then more layers were added...

This is a close up of the previous photo:

I thought that at this stage I was happy!  And that was it.... but Seth said that 'More is More'...

I finished most of the project during the class. This is a photo of us all with our 'almost finished' pieces....

At home I finished off using paint pens to outline and add marks to my project.  This is the final work...

I am delighted at how this turned out.  I learnt so much during the class.  Thank you so much to Paper Artsy and to Seth for such an amazing day.  It was a blast - and I can't wait for the next one!!

Thanks for looking.......


  1. Think we all went through the oh no I've ruined it phase before ooh I like it. Yours is gorgeous

  2. Glad you had a great day xx

  3. Have faith in the layers lol it turned out great and thats all that matters. Mine is finished now too, just need to blog it.

  4. Brilliant canvas Mim. We had such a great day - made even better by you coming to stay on the Friday.
    Totally fab weekend

  5. It looks amazing Miriam. No wonder you are pleased with it. Lx