Saturday 23 January 2016

Wanderlust Week 1

I know we are a few weeks into Wanderlust (if you are a crafter and you haven't heard of it you need to have a look!!).  It is a year long mixed media course for crafters and artists.

I know that I will never be able to keep up to date due to constraints with the hours that I work - but I was determined to start week 1 on time.

I wont talk too much about how I created my journal page as it is part of the on-line course.

Here is my first creation....

When I had created the first few layers I was a bit worried because I didn't really like what I was creating.  But, I told myself to 'believe' in myself and carried on - and I really liked the end result!!

It was great to get back into something a bit messy and distressed.  I think my style last year was a bit too clean and simple!! 

Wanderlust has given me back my passion.... and I hope that there is a lot more in there to share with you!!

Thanks for looking....


  1. I think it looks great.. and I should be doing my next one instead of sitting here reading blogs and tweeting, lol!! I love the little squares at the top, and your colours, especially the splash of blue!

  2. Great piece of artwork Mim! Yes, nice to get back to "messy paint" after a break....I should be doing some if I had the space......and I could have the space if I went and finished the clearing up rather than sat here posting!!

  3. Beautiful art piece Miriam. I too am enjoying these courses and making the journal now. Hugs Rita xx