Wednesday, 24 February 2016

First Play With Powertex

This week I had my first play with Powertex.... it's a medium taking the mixed media world by storm.

I wanted to complete this project in time for my mum's birthday in January but didn't get time... and so I made it for Mother's Day.

Here is my model...

This started as a white head, and a wooden stick on a cube!

I started by getting the head to glue to the stick.  Lots of glue and masking tape was involved. 

I then used the Powertex to colour the whole of the statue.

After this I cut some cloth and covered this in the Powertex, which I then started to mould to the statue.  Once I was happy I allowed this to dry for a couple of days.

After a couple of days I added bronze mica powder to varnish and painted this over the statue, leaving bits a bit shabby and bare.  This then had to dry completely.

Here are other shots of the finished figurine....

I was really happy with the finished product.  There are things that I would do differently next time... and I can't wait for the next project!!

Thanks for looking.


  1. Wow Miriam. She looks amazing. I have never heard of Powertex, so I will need to look into this medium now. Hugs Rita xxx

  2. WOW!! That's beautiful.........

  3. she's fabulous, I am sure your mum will love her! I am going to open mine soon... may need some sticks on cubes though....

  4. that's gorgeous Miriam I bet your mum loves it xx

  5. that is gorgeous!!

  6. Wow Miriam this is gorgeous. Your Mum is going to love it, what a fab present. Hugs Debs xx

  7. This is so beautiful Miriam, can't believe that it is your first attempt! Xx