Sunday 25 November 2012

Canvas Creations Workshop

A few months ago I went to  Hels Sheridan workshop at the Stamp Attic.  I've only just realised that for some reason I did not post the pics!!

The creation is presently the only piece of art work in my new office - I am sure that I will have created my own little haven in there before long!

Here is my art in it's entirety.  It was a fabulous workshop and I would highly recommend you go to one of Hels' workshops if ever you get the chance.

The day was spent using paints, inks, masks and lots of wonderful flowers and embellishments.  A truly indulgent day!

Here are a few closer looks at my creation:
I had great fun throughout the day - as you can see.

I have my final workshop of the year planned for Saturday - melt art and bees wax - can't wait!  I shall make sure that I remember to blog it afterwards!

Thanks for looking.


  1. Oooh! you finally posted pics!! I love it, it's really fresh looking and so different from mine or Korry's... that's always my favourite bit at a workshop... seeing how varied the end results are from the same start point! Oh, and see you Saturday!! :O)

  2. It is lovely Miriam. I love it!!! See you on Saturday!

  3. Wow, Miriam, your wall hanging looks fabulous. Hugs Rita xx

  4. Hi Miriam, I have attended a Hels workshop too and it was such fun, I really enjoyed it, we did a mirror. Your hanging is gorgeous and I love all the inspirational little quotes - beats looking at those charts on your wall! Hugs, Anne x