Thursday, 24 March 2016

Liquid Sculpting Medium Paper Artsy Challenge

As soon as I saw the latest topic on the Paper Artsy blog I knew I wanted to take part.

I haven't got much free time at the moment but I wanted to use it wisely.

My liquid sculpting medium of choice is Powertex.  You will have seen the ornament that I made my mum for Mother's Day..... it's great fun to use.... in fact I am a little bit addicted to the stuff!

So.... here is my project which I am entering for the challenge

I started of by taking a Paper Artsy Grey Board and I covered this with bronze Powertex.

I then took a strip of fabric and saturated this with Powertex before positioning it on the grey board.

I did the same with a frame and a cameo.

I also took some glass beads and positioned them in a couple of places.  I then poured some Powertex over them.  At this point I was worried because I thought I had created sludge!

This is what it looked like before it dried.

Here is a picture of part of my 'sludge'!

Once fully dry (over night) I sealed everything with a varnish.

Once dry, I then set about with various colours of Treasure Gold.

Here is a close up of the beads with Treasure Gold on them....

I tried to create an aged look to the frame.  Before my project started it was a cheap plastic white frame!

This next photo shows some of the texture on the fabric

To finish my project I stamped a Lin Brown quote onto brown card and manipulated it in my hands to give it some movement.

I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed creating this project.  In fact - if I wasn't so busy at the moment I would probably be creating more!

So.... there you have it - my finished creation for the Paper Artsy challenge.

Thanks for looking


  1. Well done for giving yourself some 'you' time - great results, i love it!

  2. That is fab. You need to have a break every now and again x

  3. Great entry Miriam, amazing how a cheap plastic frame can be transformed. Well done for giving yourself time to play, it's important. x

  4. This is great, Miriam. You've really inspired me to get my hands on some Powertex and have a go! xx

  5. This is fab, miriam! I'm giving it a go for the first time at the moment,

    Lucy x

  6. Fab project, I love how the treasure gold brings out the detail of your piece.I don't have any powertex yet so I'm using a modroc and gel mediums for my project if I get it finished that is. Thank you for sharing your creation. x

  7. Awesome project, gorgeous effects. xx

  8. I love all of the textures, the frame is smashing, a real joy to look at.

  9. This is fantastic Miriam, you clever thing you! how satisfying it is to turn a cheap frame into something luscious! wonderful! xx

  10. Gorgeous Miriam...beautiful xx

  11. fab texture and what a great way to transform a white frame x

  12. That looks great!